Enerbrain is an innovative company that was born in 2015 to radically improve heating, cooling and ventilation of non residential buildings. Thanks to our IoT/AI scalable technology, we are able to control better the existing HVAC (Heating Cooling & Ventilation) of buildings, ensuring a minimum of 20% energy savings, improving comfort, and lower CO2 emissions, with a Payback time under 3 years. We offer our Platform to organizations that vary from a small public school, all the way to large airports, shopping malls, supermarket companies, industries, etc. helping them with the abovementioned benefits, but also with additional monitoring, custom alerts, tools to manage large numbers of buildings, etc.

This tool supports them in the digitalization. Our solution is also specifically targeted for Utilities, as they can resell our full energy saving platform, to increase their profits on Energy Performance Contracts, to better predict energy consumption in buildings, and to enable demand response. Moreover, our solution helps to reduce CO2 emissions, therefore it can receive tax benefits and incentives from many governments globally, and to help organizations to meet their sustainability targets and to work on energy transition.

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