Galileo Green Energy

The new European renewable energies venture Galileo Green Energy has been launched at the beginning of 2020 with the backing of 4 institutional long-term investors operating at the global level.

Galileo Green Energy aims to develop, build and operate renewable energy solutions across a large number of countries and regions in Europe. The focus is on new renewable assets using mainly onshore wind, solar photovoltaic and storage technologies, and on integrating environmentally friendly power generation capabilities with energy demand through adequate power supply solutions. 

With renewable power becoming ever more competitive in the energy mix of any country, the design and implementation of market-driven supply solutions, tailor-made for wholesale markets as well as for final energy consumers, is the key to unlock the full potential of green energy.

Galileo Green Energy has started project development as well as power sales origination in several key markets in Europe and is prepared to further expand and intensify its activities over the next years.

The development opportunity in Europe is very significant as some 400GW of new renewable power generation projects are foreseen to be realized until 2030. Galileo Green Energy is set to make a quality contribution to this objective and promote digitally optimized green energy solutions to final consumers across the continent.

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